3 things we learnt this year

3 things we learnt this year

Thank you 2015

This year has been an exceptional one for TNG. Our entire business model has evolved, changed, adapted and improved – from every possible angle; from the clients we work with, the way we work, the people we have worked with, the technologies we have used, right through to the way we present our ideas and even our own brands!

2015 has seen TNG continue its approach of doing things differently and delivering high quality and intelligent solutions to challenges presented to us. Our underlying disciplines of simplicity and clarity are the same – however what has really evolved for us this year – is the understanding that a connected, emotional response and commercial functionality – demand equal consideration.

As we head towards our ten year anniversary (June 2016) – what are the three main lessons from this years part of the TNG journey?

1. Success is a result of belief
Collectively, the TNG team all agreed this year, that if we didn’t believe in it – why should other people? We have been far more discerning and selective about what projects we take on. As creative thinkers for our clients, we have a responsibility to become ambassadors for what it is that they deliver. In order to bring to life visual assets that carry the level of authenticity necessary in order to cut-through in todays hectic world, we have to believe in the opportunity as much as they do. This collective decision has resulted in an attraction of projects and clients that rank design as an important factor – high on their agenda – and that has been wonderful to behold.

“We make a living by what we get,
but we make a life by what we give.”
Winston Churchil

2. Mindset Matters
Winston Churchill once said “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” When Barrett and I first founded TNG almost ten years ago, we made a pact that we would endeavour to create a culture that never felt like ‘just a job’. We have always believed that businesses that are people-focused and have a strong sense of purpose are destined for success. This year has seen significant investment in business coaching, productivity sessions and personal development exercises. An optimistic and ‘clear’ mindset is essential in modern business practice and has been a real focus for us this year. The studio’s positive atmosphere and strong sense of belonging permeates everything we do. Something we are both enormously proud of. Good relationships with our clients, suppliers, manufacturers and contributors alike, are the foundations of our studio’s culture.

3. Utilising knowledge, experience and connections pays dividends
This year we really enjoyed exploring the physical possibilities of design, which on many occasions drew significant attention to the creative solutions we delivered, in turn resulting in greater awareness for our client’s products / services with broader target market appeal. This year has seen TNG often use non-standard materials and production methods – utilising our great relationships with suppliers and manufacturers – adopting forgotten techniques and cutting edge new technologies.

Here’s to a great year ! Bring on 2016 – we are excited!

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