Family Wine Growers Co.

Family Wine Growers Co.

‘Family Wine Growers Co.’ is a carefully selected collection of producers from around Australia and New Zealand that are all entirely family owned. United Cellars works closely with these families to produce a selection of wines that show the very best of their respective regions and wine styles. As United Cellars are a 100% family owned business, they are very proud to partner with and support these brilliant grape growers and passionate winemakers.


TNG designed eye catching labels for the Family Wine Growers range – creating the right aesthetic balance of traditionalism and sophistication, combined with a sense of fun and familiarity. Our aim was to produce a suite of labels that visually matched the quality and personality of the product inside the bottle.


Family Wine Growers have enjoyed a significantly increased number of sales and interest in the range since releasing the new labels.


Here’s what¬†Richard Horsley (Senior Wine Buyer,¬†United Cellars Asia-Pacific) had to say about the experience:

“After slower than projected sales, we briefed The National Grid to re-brand our Family Wine Growers range. We asked for design concepts that were modern, traditional and requested something in-between. The options presented were great and choosing an option was a breeze. The change in the sales rate was significant and immediate. Newly designed packaging has both increased our sales team’s confidence in the product (HUGELY important – they’re proud to offer something that looks so good) and the total online sales of the product. In just 3 months with the new label we have had an increase of 36% in sales volume to the same period last year and an increase in re-orders. The product’s quality has not changed – just the look! The team at TNG were brilliant to work with; professional, fun and quick (the speed of getting this to market has helped capture pre-Christmas sales). Should have used them sooner.”
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