The National Grid (TNG) is a creative thinking and design company, based in Sydney.

We bring brands to life from the the pen up, through curiosity, knowledge and our own brand of design magic. From print to screen, strategy to campaign, start-ups to category leaders – we support business growth through our extensive design expertise.

We are proud to work with a wide variety of brands and partners, including: Act for peace / Coastalwatch / Colliers / Crown Group / ESG Asia Pacfic / Kim Beach / Mirvac / Owners Collective / PAYCE / TOGA / TRIBECA Capital & many more, you can see for yourself on our work page.

"We support business growth through our extensive design expertise."

Our Process


At TNG, we handpick a team for each and every job – which means you only pay for the expertise you really need. And no matter which skills are required, from design guru through digital whiz kid to gun copywriter, we’ve got it covered.


Once our project team is in place, we get down to the business of strategy. We gather info from clients, and insights from consumers, mash it together and mull it over until our plan becomes clear.


This is when the distillers get to work. Ideas germinate, thoughts fizz, sketches form, inspiration pops. It is best to keep a safe distance during this stage (there can be a few explosions and strange smells).


Once a creative product has emerged (gleaming and fresh) from the brewing process, we get to work refining it. Quality control helps extract imperfections, enhance strengths and ensure that nothing less than perfect leaves the building.


When the creative idea is signed and sealed, we set about delivering it. From brochures to banner ads to large scale signage, our crack production team have been there and done that. We will get your goods there on time, as promised, without a drama.


We like to think our work speaks for itself – once clients get a taste, they tend to develop a habit. But if you’d like to hear them wax lyrical, just ask and we’ll get you a testimonial or two.

Our Services


Brand identity (concept development, logo, brand language, naming, positioning, key messaging)
Roll out of all collateral, with a beautiful look and feel that stands out, increases awareness, boosts R.O.I and generates sales.


Print (brochures, advertising, direct marketing material, agents handbooks, hand-outs, gifts)
Copywriting (tone of voice, campaign copy, social content, editorial and advertorial)
PR (guerrilla marketing, awareness stunts, editorial, social media, network utilisation).


Website design (UI/UX design, micro-sites, social media, app design, branded content, EDMs)
New technologies and analytics (better communication and reports through smarter technologies, beacons, geolocation statistics, advanced omni-channel interactions, re-targeting, syndication SEO/VSO).

Visual Assets

Signage (billboards, wayfinding, digital screens, directories, hand painted murals) CGIs (stills, animated fly throughs)
Video (lifestyle, profile/ awareness strategy driven clips, voice overs, animation, explanimations) Illustration and photography (Icons, Infographics, maps, lifestyle images) Exhibition graphics (stand graphics, banners).

Who We Are

Together we have an eclectic, friendly and professional team from across the globe with over 60 years of experience working both collaboratively and independently across all mediums of design.

Lara Allport

Head Distiller, Boss Lady

As one of TNG’s original founders, Lara has seen the company grow from fledgling idea to big time operation. Her role involves overseeing the creative process, business development, offering inspiration and generally keeping things running smoothly. Lara is a talented illustrator and art director in her own right, having worked for the likes of Patron, CommSec, Crown, Apple, Intel, Philips, Samsung and Westpac. She is much loved for her sunny disposition, enthusiastic can-do attitude and fine nose for talent.

Simon Barrett

Master Brewer, Creative Director

TNG’s other founder and leader is Simon Barrett. A true craftsman with countless years of experience, Barrett is relentless to his pursuit of great ideas. Sitting at the helm of the Grid’s creative team, he leads the process with great passion, enthusiasm and energy. Notches in Barrett's belt include SilverNeedle Hospitality, General Pants, Harpers Bazaar, MTV, Apple, Cadbury, Coca-cola, Jim Beam and Westpac Bank.

Olly Barnes

Master Blender, Senior Designer

Olly graduated from the University College Falmouth and is much loved for providing innovative and thoughtful design solutions to our clients. He specialises in delivering excellence in brand identity, re-brands, website (UI/UX), restaurant design and editorial layout. Olly brings fierce design talent, an infectious enthusiasm and an inspiring level of intelligence to the operation and we are lucky to have him as part of our team.

Alex Moller

Action Woman, Account Director

With a background in ad agency land, Alex project manages all the awesomeness that comes through the doors of TNG and The Drawing Arm :: Illustration Agency from the get go! A big smile, paired with passion for providing creative solutions, Alex’s mission is to support the distillery team clients and artists through the entire process.

Ashleigh Beddoes

Method Woman, Account Manager

Coming from ad agency land Ash is an expert job juggler, communications queen and has a knack for keeping herself and the team cool, calm and collected while under the pump. She has worked on some whopper campaigns with brands like Bonds, Voodoo, Sheridan and Best&Less. Ash enjoys working closely with clients and
the distillery team to develop creative solutions to get the best out of the brand.
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24 Chard Road, Brookvale
Sydney 2100, NSW, Australia