12 Days of refab!



East Village wanted to help patrons on their way with New Year's resolutions. We wanted to make sure they had fun doing it!

Author: Olly Barnes

East VillageVP offer customers a diverse and entertaining mix of food, shops and activities.

Creating community engagement campaigns has been a great way to build brand value and give back to all involved in the local East Village neighbourhood.

'12 Days of refab' looked on the brighter side of our own personal resolutions. With activities involving healthy cooking demos, yoga workshops, gym days and more it was important to get everyone involved and active no matter what it takes!

Installing a giant colouring in wall allowed busy Mum & Dad's to entertain the kids whilst doing the weekly shop and formed the back-drop to our demo's and events.

Footnote. After a few days it was clear to the East Village staff that it wasn't just the kids that got involved with the colouring in wall. In fact even our own Account Manager extraordinaire Ashleigh was seen sneaking a go at any given opportunity along with plenty of other 20+ year old 'children'.

Olly Barnes