Keevil — luxury leather wear

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KEEVIL reflects a sense of relaxed luxury, focussing on the highest quality leathers & simple, clean designs.

Author: Olly Barnes

Keevil founders Jessica and Rodd came to TNG towards the end of 2016 wanting an equally impressive brand to represent the high quality leather wares that they wanted to bring to market.

Hand crafted in Sydney, Australia and with a love of slow, modernist design thinking, we set apart tying the founders equestrian routes and brand promise. 

Keevil looks at the fashion landscape differently being involved in all processes and steps that are necessary to create each unique bag to absolute perfection. The brand identity needed an understated wordmark and secondary brand mark that stands alone in their market but wouldn't stand out when applied to the leather wares.

Brands today, need cut-through in a congested market place and we have worked closely with the team at Keevil on the brands purpose/ promise and how that can be translated through campaigns for years to come. 

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Our brand philosophy is about a slower, more considered approach to fashion, with part of our mission being to support local manufacturing.
— Jessica Keevil, Co-Founder & Designer
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Olly Barnes